What is a sprayable gallon?

Like many polyureas, urethanes or hybrids chemical reaction and fusion occurs to produce the cured coating.  Our SLPV Plural Component Lining consists of liquids (parts A & B- Resin/Binder) and solids (PART C- polyurea / polymer micropowder).  High grade polyurea hybrid are excellent for bed liner with highest adhesion. Texture control is within the process between liquid and solid components; expansion at full cure plus emulsified (not fully melted) solids.  The SPLV Line carries the only polyurea with controllable texture (hardness), profile (flat / slight orange peel / course), any UV color and purest clear. Less and more expansion equate to harder and softer textures (or more to less adhesion) respectively. These materials, once fully cured, yield average 55% increase in its original volume.  Example using materials in a standard 6’ bed liner kit:
  • Bed liner is mixed from 1:1 to 3:1 as solids: liquid.  For standard adhesion and thickness, use 1.5:1 as liquids to powders.
  • .75 gallons of liquids mixed with 1.5 part solids will = 1.875 gallons * 1.23 (expansion) = 2.32 gallons fully cured
Other calculations for total volume of finished bed liner kit Base coat + top coat to achieve thicker bed with greater adhesion –  In this example, a base coat comprised of 1:1 as solids to liquid for higher adhesion rate.  In conjunction, a second layer applied at 2:1 is used to achieve a thick top layer where adhesion is not as much of a concern between same materials (bed liner attached to bare metal versus 2nd layer of bed liner bonded to first layer of bed liner) How expansion is calculated for 2 layer bed liner
  • Liquids for layer 1 is .75 gallons/2 = .375 gallons
  • Solids for layer 1 is .375 gallons of polymers
  • Total for layer 1 = .75 * expansion rate of .18 = .885 gallons
  • Liquids for layer 2 is .375 gallons
  • Solids for layer 2 is .75 gallons
  • Total for layer 2 = 1.125 * 1.25 (expansion) = 1.4 gallons
  • Total Sprayable gallons = 2.29 gallons

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    1. Hello,

      I am a professional house painter and I am wondering if I could use my airless sprayer to apply the spray on bed liner. Why could I not premix the texture and epoxy and use a large orifice Elastomeric tip such as .025 or larger, set pressure to the required psi and let her rip?

      • Yes… what you describe can be done. Please get in touch with us directly at 855-545-4900 so we can discuss it with you

      • Spray Lining and Coatings has a wide variety of products to suit your needs. You can always call us directy at 855-545-4900 to chat. We will be happy to recommend the best spray coating for your project.

    2. I want to cover the roof of my rv, 310 sq ft it is plywood and sheetmetal. Will your product work and how much would I need.

    3. I work for Rhino Linings of Kitchener-Waterloo in Kitchener, Ontario. My biggest complaint about North Ontario Coatings is that they must get cheap stuff from their vendor, supposedly Spray-Lining & Coatings. But we are a Rhino Dealer and that SLC polyurea can’t be as great as Rhino’s because Rhino is the pioneer.

    4. I am sending this testimonial as a way of saying thank you for producing a cost effective liner for the do it yourself crowd. I recently put Spray-Lining & Coating in my 2005 Dodge truck bed and was very pleased with the results. After looking the product over for a few weeks, it occurred to me that there would be other uses as well. I have a 2002 Harley Davidson Electra Glide motorcycle that through several 8,000 miles trips, has suffered many rock chips to the front end. The cost of painting is high and there is always the worry of repeating the damage. I decided to try your product on my motorcycle and coat some of the parts that are prone to road debris. The bugs are hiding the rock chips. I am very happy with the results and he unique look. I have plans to use the product as a trim accent to other parts of the bike soon. Thanks again!

    5. my husband & I have a Koi pond coated with Pond Armor. The North Ontario Coatings dealer took that junk off & put stuff they taught us is better. Its called Polyurea for waterscapes … Company called SLC make it. Its holding up well.

    6. Hi, Can I use your product to use on a fishing boat deck without sandblasting , the deck have a bit of old paint and surface rust ?

      • If using Spray-Lining Coatings, SLC-Marine-114, if it’s clean aluminum, blasting is unnecessary. No old paint is renewed to adhere by any polyurea, by Spray-Lining Coatings or any legitimate vendor.

    7. I like the poly fleck look of the garage coating, but need the disability of the koi pond coating, I am wanting to make one whole room in my house a shower, I will put up concrete tile backer board first, then I’m assuming some kind of sealant, then on to ???

    8. I had a professional company spray the back bed of my 2016 truck and they only sprayed it about 1/32 of a inche thick and I was wanting to know if that was the correct thickness?

    9. I had a professional company spray the back bed of my 2016 truck and they only sprayed it about 1/32 of a inche thick and I was wanting to know if that was the correct thickness?

      • Windle, 1/32 inch is half the minimum thickness or height of any polyurea for any high impact surface. That’s only our experience but opinions vary depending on whose lying, misrepresenting or true facts you hear. Those phony or cheap applicators are to blame, not necessarily the brand name as most consumers believe. This includes Spray-Lining & Coatings dealers too. Odds are better with SLC only because they get polyurea for much less $ than all brands. The two popular brands, Line-X & Rhino Linings are both polyurea. While there are differences, neither are low quality. Any true polyurea applied by a good applicator will be thicker, prepped better, etc. For this reason only in 1989 SLC, just Spray-Lining & Coatings was chosen so as to allow the “brand” or reputation to be 100% accountable to SLC applicators who are certified by us.

        • Wpsladmin, Scorpion is the name of the product that was sprayed into the bed of my truck. I am trying to get the company to respray it to get it to the thickness that I have seen several other trucks with factory and after factory sprayed in bed liners which was close to 3/32nd to 1/8th of a inche thick. Thank you for you response.

          • Scorpion Coatings is a very soft but high priced material to apply, maybe most expensive anywhere. To be slip-proof, also protect, i.e. be strong a rubbery coating like that MUST be thicker than more standard polyurea as Line-X Standard or Rhino HardLine. Look at it this way: Another 75 sq ft at 1/32 inch = 1.5 gallons. Paying whomever to apply another 1.5 gallons within under 75 sq ft of truck bed might cost $100 to $200 more, true. Unfair as that may be its a low price when you consider how much more protection that is over, say 15 + years. Scorpion is not very strong but at 1/8 inch height it’d be stronger than most anything at 1/16. Get it? … Now because this SLC Review helps Spray-Lining & Coatings sell more polyurea I must repeat: That’s why the DIY & professional grade polyurea of Spray-Lining & Coatings has control over its flexibility!

    10. We replaced the floor of my friends boat with wood and sealed it with Thompson water seal. Is there a primer we can use to have it spray lined?

      • Thompson Water Seal is a 1 part acrylic. Its not marine grade but might help clog some pores in wood. That was unnecessary if you’re applying “real” polyurea and not some simple, 1-part material (many DIY bedliner deals are 1 part paints and not true polyurea at all). A 1 to 1 epoxy primer by DuPont or PPG or any quality name as such will work. A marine-grade 1 to 1 = best.
        Once primer is dry immediate lining with actual polyurea is best, or ASAP. Thicker = better quality, 63 to 125 mil is advised to really last.

    11. hi, im interested in using your product to spray my entire truck. the only thing thats holding me up is your cfm requirement. im currently shopping for an air compressor and at the settings you guys require i would need 500$ plus dollar air compressor to even come close. thats why im leaning toward liner extreeme. do you have any other options. the compressors im looking at are in the 200$ range and are around 3.4cfm at 40-60 psi. ive always read tons of reviews from guys who have sprayed many bedliners and claim only the psi really matters, not so much the cfm. please elaborate. thanks.

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